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Forging mold design principles

The design of forging dies should follow the three principles of good performance, excellent processing performance and certain economic performance. At the same time, it is necessary to be familiar with the process characteristics of metal in forging shape, master the basic structure and working performance of various forging equipment, and design molds with good formability, reasonable service life, easy installation, commissioning and maintenance from practical conditions.
To achieve the above objectives, general consideration should be given to the design of forging dies:
1. batch of forgings. Small-scale production of forgings, try to use simple structure of the mold, mold life can also be designed lower; medium and large-scale production of forgings, mold structure should use multi-step molds such as blanking, pre-forging and final forging, mold materials It is necessary to cooperate reasonably to ensure that the entire mold has a high life.
2. Forging material. The forming step and deformation rate are determined according to the deformability of the material to ensure the quality of the forged part after final forging.
3. shape of the forging. Forgings with complex shapes must adopt multi-mode 膛 dispersion deformation method to reduce mold load, reduce press tonnage, and avoid forging defects.
4. forging equipment. The main considerations are forging hammers, as well as various presses. The structure of the mold and the material of the mold must be different.
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