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Use and maintenance of forging dies

In order to improve the life of the forging die, it is necessary to properly use and maintain the forging die, including: forging preheating, controlling the final forging temperature during the die forging process, timely lubricating and cooling, removing the scale on the blank, and grinding at any time. Defects appearing in it.
1. Preheating of forging die: When the preheating temperature reaches 250 °C, the impact toughness will be significantly improved. After preheating the forging die, it is beneficial to the thermal insulation of the blank and promote the fluidity of the metal, and can reduce the number of hammering, shorten the contact time of the high temperature blank with the forging die, and improve the life of the forging die. Therefore, the forging die must be reheated to the required temperature before working.
The methods for checking the preheating temperature are as follows:
(1) Sprinkle water on the surface of the forging die, and judge the preheating temperature of the forging die depending on the water vapor. This method requires some practical experience.
(2) Using the temperature pen test, when the color drawn becomes a prescribed color within the specified time, it indicates that the preheating temperature has reached the required level.
(3) Temperature measurement with a surface thermometer.
(4) Insert the finger into the lifting hole of the forging die and feel hot.
2. Cooling and lubrication of forging die: One of the main measures to improve the life of the die is to strengthen the lubrication of the forging die. The lubricant used should have the following properties:
(1) Good adhesion: It can adhere to the forging die and will not be extruded at high temperatures.
(2) Good lubricating performance: It requires high ignition point, smokeless and high temperature to maintain good lubrication performance.
(3) It is non-toxic, harmless, and has good safety performance and does not pollute the environment.
(4) Easy to spray and remove.
(5) It is cheap and has the effect of coolant.
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